About Us

Founded in 1923, ESSEC Alumni is one of France's largest alumni associations among the business and engineering schools in the country. Each year, a new graduating class of 2,000 young professionals joins the network, which is now 46,000 members strong. We maintain a presence across the globe in nearly 75 countries. Our 200 motivated volunteers and employees lead 115 clubs worldwide and hold 1,000 events each year.

The strength of our network is a key criterion in international rankings, measured by the number of dues-paying members. After all, committed, cohesive and enthusiastic communities have satisfied, successful members because they help them expand their influence and grow their businesses.

This is why our mission at ESSEC Alumni is to:

  • Support alumni throughout their careers
  • Use shared interests to bring alumni together
  • Promote our alumni in the public sphere
  • Keep alumni up-to-date about management news and what's happening in the network

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