How To Get Involved

At ESSEC Alumni, we believe in helping one another. Although our mission is to help alumni, we also rely on your help to get things done. Here are a few ways that you can pitch in!


Help make ESSEC Alumni more efficient

Make yourself available to the network. Update your contact information and job title in the directory. Join the official ESSEC Alumni groups on LinkedIn and Viadeo. Respond to requests from graduates and students.

Suggest some ideas that can help our association better meet your needs. Attend our Annual Meeting and present your ideas. Join the Board of Directors and make your idea a reality. Submit suggestions any time during the year to the ESSEC Alumni office.

Volunteer to join in and help us offer better services. Lead or create a club. Hold an event or present during a conference. Lead a career services workshop.

Get involved at the school to create a bond with the next generation. Sign up for the ESSEC Group mentoring program. Design and teach courses. Take part in job fairs. Support student associations.


Get the word out about ESSEC Alumni

Display your ESSEC membership to promote our brand. List your diploma on social media and in your other online profiles, and mention it to journalists when they contact you. Post great stories about the institute and the association.

Tell ESSEC Alumni about your career so that we can update the community, the management world and the media.

Post messages and participate in discussions through the ESSEC Alumni website and the official ESSEC Alumni groups, pages and accounts on LinkedIn, ViadeoFacebook and Twitter.

Write articles for ESSEC's Reflets magazine and the ESSEC Alumni website, or use these two platforms to share articles you have published on other blogs, media sites or social networks so we can showcase our alumni's expertise.


Make a financial contribution to ESSEC Alumni

Why become a dues-paying member? By paying dues each year, you help stabilize the ESSEC Alumni budget and ensure we can continue offering our services. This means the association will be there to help you when you really need it. If enough alumni decide to pitch in, these investments can also be used to develop new services that meet your needs. It is also a key criterion for evaluating associations: the more dues-paying members ESSEC has, the better our ranking.

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Donate to help us do even more! Recognized as a non-profit by the French Ministry of the Interior, Internal Security and Local Freedoms on June 4, 2003, ESSEC Alumni is authorized to receive donations and bequests of any kind.

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