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ESSEC Professors in Global Voice: All You Need to Know About Asia-Pacific

The special Asia-Pacific issue of Global Voice is out! Read articles and insights by ESSEC professors in this magazine published by the Council on Business & Society (CoBS), a global alliance of leading business schools – including ESSEC – dedicated to promoting responsible leadership. Turning our gaze away from the Americas and Europe to the east and flicking back through the history boo...

Olivier Cantet (E87) is elected President of ESSEC Alumni!

Mathieu Quéré (E98) announced his resignation for personal reasons on February the 14th 2019, and ensured the transition until the election of his successor. Yesterday, ESSEC Alumni's Board of Directors unanimously appointed Olivier Cantet (E87) as new President of the Association. Olivier Cantet has worked for several years in the sports business (VP EMEA of Oakley, CEO of Rip Curl Group, Gen...

5 alumni on ESSEC’s Overseers Board

Our ESSEC Alumni plays an important role within the ESSEC Group governance. It particularly appoints five Overseers Board members. Find out who made the cut for the 2019-2022 term ! Five alumni hop on ESSEC’s Overseers Board: Pierre-André de Chalendar (E79), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain Bénédicte Richard (E82) Global Head of people and organization, Ch...

François Courtin (E10), Head of ESSEC Alumni’s Hong Kong Chapter: “We are one of the most active alumni communities in HK”

Hong Kong is home to more than 300 alumni, both Chinese and Western. François Courtin (E10), Head of ESSEC Alumni’s Hong Kong Chapter and co-founder of thriving start-up KintoHub, tells us more about the local community. ESSEC Alumni: How many alumni are there in Hong Kong ? François Courtin: I believe we can safely say that we are one of the most active alumni communities here. We are about ...

Passing of Pierre Nanterme (E81)

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing away of Pierre Nanterme (E81). He was both a visionary and profoundly caring business leader. Through the combination of these qualities, he was the embodiment of everything that we believe in at ESSEC. Pierre was a source of inspiration for our whole community. Through his involvement in the life of our School, the students of the Acc...

Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi Builds a Bridge Between ESSEC and China

The CEO of ESSEC is off to conquer China. In late October, Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi travelled to Shanghai and then Beijing, in order to build partnerships and meet our alumni in the area. Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi never stops. He had barely closed the Commencement Day ceremony on 22 October when he took off for Shanghai, where he was invited to give a talk on “The Business School’s Impacts on Soc...

Alumni go to Versailles… in Singapore

The alumni in Singapore were invited to attend the “Virtually Versailles” experience, a joint project between the Palace of Versailles and ESSEC Business School to promote the French culture, heritage and expertise to audiences around the world. Singapore with its global reputation as a vibrant, cosmopolitan and technologically advanced country made it an ideal choice for this exhibition. As p...

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus Hosts a Round-Table on Blockchain

On Tuesday 13th November 2018, the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus hosted a round-table session that showcased “The Unexpected Uses of Blockchain”. Blockchain’s transparency, reliability and decentralized nature make it the obvious choice for securing intellectual or virtual assets. However, blockchain's uses extend far beyond the aspect of security and cryptocurrency, and there is now a focus to s...

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus: Networking Into the Future

On Monday 29th October 2018, ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus hosted a meeting about ESSEC’s strategy for the near future. A fascinating view into what’s in the cards for our school. Despite the inclement weather, close to 30 current students and alumni gathered together at the Asia-Pacific campus to hear from Professor Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Dean and President of ESSEC Business School, who present...

The Essec London Office Brings the Best of Europe’s Fintech Scene on Stage

The 2018 London Fintech Event gathered 200 participants, including 65 students and 80 alumni, at Level 39 (Canary Wharf), the biggest fintech accelerator in Europe. Michel Baroni, Dean of Faculty, and Nicolas Glady, have opened the event by presenting all upcoming campus projects. A fantastic panel of 7 fintech companies (Circle, ICA, Iwoca, Kaiko, N26, Prodigy Finance, has then deli...

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