5 alumni on ESSEC’s Overseers Board


Our ESSEC Alumni plays an important role within the ESSEC Group governance. It particularly appoints five Overseers Board members. Find out who made the cut for the 2019-2022 term !

Five alumni hop on ESSEC’s Overseers Board:

Pierre-André de Chalendar was elected President of the Overseers Board and ESSEC Alumni thanks him very much for accepting this nomination.

ESSEC Alumni is also very grateful and wants to warmly thank ESSEC Alumni members at the end of their term for their commitment, particularly Thierry Peugeot (E80) who was President to the Overseers Board over the last 9 years, as well as Lorraine Kron du Luart (E96), Stéphanie Dameron (E95) and Charles Bouaziz (E85).

It is a good occasion to remind the Alumni community of the important role ESSEC Alumni is statutory playing within the governance structures. Some ESSEC Alumni, all named by our association, sit at the Executive Board, at the Overseers Board as well as at the General Assembly.

This significant commitment of alumni within the governance is very specific to ESSEC. It also shows the important responsibility of our Community while supporting our school and its global influence.


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