Bing Li (I13), China Coordinator for ESSEC Alumni: “Chinese are now the first nationality among ESSEC’s students”

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Bing Li (I13) is the new China Coordinator for ESSEC Alumni. He tells us more about his mission and ESSEC’s implantation in China.

ESSEC Alumni: Why did you decide to volunteer as China Coordinator for ESSEC Alumni?

Bing Li: There has been an increasing number of Chinese students and alumni in the ESSEC community over the past few years. Some graduates chose to stay in France, many rather return to China. Meanwhile, more and more French alumni settle in China. I hope to be able to link up all the alumni and students who are associated with China.

EA: What is your roadmap?

B. Li: My mission is to get together all Chinese alumni in France, Chinese alumni returning to China, French alumni in China, and Chinese students, using various communication channels, especially WeChat. 

EA: How big is the Chinese community in ESSEC's network? And the ESSEC community in China? 

B. Li: At present, there are nearly 400 Chinese studying at ESSEC, which makes them the first non-French nationality among our students. There are about 900 alumni in China, including Chinese nationals and non-Chinese. Chinese alumni currently living in France probably account for less than 100 people.

EA: What kind of events do you organize as China Coordinator?

B. Li: In December 2017, I launched the first Chinese alumni dinner in Paris with 40 participants. Lan Cheng (M09), General Manager of China Mobile Europe, participated in the event.

Back in November 2017, I contacted Printemps Groupe to help student association ESSEC China organize an afterwork cocktail at Citadium. Laurent Schenten (H02), Director of International Division and Custumer & Service Division at Printemps, attended the event. Fifty students were involved.

EA: What are you links with student association ESSEC China? 

B. Li: I have very close contact with ESSEC China. I take part to their activities as an attendant and a co-organizer. I also invite them to attend the alumni activities, and assist them in finding contacts in the alumni network after graduation.

EA: What are your plans for the near future?

B. Li: Getting in touch with Chinese institutions and companies in France, as well as French institutions and companies wishing to do business with China. Improving ESSEC's reputation among Chinese institutions. Organizing various activities related to China and France in Paris, jointly with other local associations in horizontal and vertical directions. And encouraging students to get involved in ESSEC Alumni’s community after graduation.


An interview by Louis Armengaud Wurmser (E11)


About Bing Li

Bing Li engaged in retail banking and digital-banking in Chinese banks in France for 13 years. He now works as KYC compliance officer at the Legal Compliance Department of ICBC Paris Branch.


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