ESSEC Alumni’s Plans for 2017


ESSEC Alumni will continue developing this year to better support an increasingly large, international and demanding community.

Our projects include:

  • A new digital platform to help members get in touch – for professional or personal reasons – more quickly and efficiently through synchronization with LinkedIn, a more effective online directory and a geolocation tool.
  • An expanded Career Service to support you through key moments in your career, whether you’ve been headhunted, have just started a new position, are setting up as a consultant, are creating or taking over a company, want to check out the market or are looking for a position.
  • Boosting the activity of our Chapters in London, New York, Munich, Singapore, Geneva, Shanghai...
  • A new dimension to our entrepreneurship services to help start-ups develop an effective pitch, raise funding and build a business that stays the course.
  • Building cross-generational initiatives through Mentoring and the Shadowing Go Pro program, continuing to forge positive relationships between students and alumni.  

Together, thanks to each and every membership subscription, we can make our network even stronger. We look forward to counting you among our members in 2017. 

I join ESSEC Alumni


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