ESSEC Focus Countries: Germany in the Spotlight

None © Bedneyimages / Freepik

ESSEC’s International Affairs Department hosted an event about Germany, bringing together successful alumni living and working there, experts on Franco-German relations and academics for them to share their insights and experiences with the audience.

After an opening welcome by Christian Koenig, Director of International Affairs, Thomas Lenk, Head of Economic Affairs for the German Embassy in France, then introduced the speaking sessions by giving insights on the economic situation in Germany. Live from Stuttgart, Michelle Mahl (M17) shared her experience at Porsche and in the automotive industry, followed by Christian Brode (E93) who focused on the real estate asset management sector. Then Cecile Huguier-Astier brought new perspectives to the discussion by outlining intercultural aspects. Benjamin Stut (E11), agile coach in Köln, joined the audience via video conference and shed pertinent light on the choice of moving to Germany. Finally, Felix Papier, Dean for Academic Programs, ended the speaking sessions by going back over his academic and professional path in Germany. 

The event ended with a cocktail and networking session. Speakers and attendees enjoyed homemade pretzels, German imported beer and natural beverages. It was an off-stage episode of Berliner Zeit, a music and culture festival organized by the student association Berliner Ground to promote Germany in all its forms at ESSEC. 


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