ESSEC Professors in Global Voice: All You Need to Know About Asia-Pacific

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The special Asia-Pacific issue of Global Voice is out! Read articles and insights by ESSEC professors in this magazine published by the Council on Business & Society (CoBS), a global alliance of leading business schools – including ESSEC – dedicated to promoting responsible leadership.

Turning our gaze away from the Americas and Europe to the east and flicking back through the history books to the beginning of modern history, we learn – and not without a hint of surprise perhaps – that the world’s two greatest economic powers for many centuries were China and India, and that Korea and Japan also flourished alongside them during the Middle Ages. Today, the Asia-Pacific is once again the leading power house of development and economic growth and everyone from The Economist to the Wall Street Journal point towards tomorrow being Asian and Pacific – hopefully, for the world, “pacific” in more ways than one.

The Council on Business & Society has the great chance of having presence and impact in the Asia-Pacific region – physically via its member school campuses ESSEC Asia-Pacific in Singapore, School of Management Fudan University in Shanghai and Keio Business School, Yokohama, Japan, and also on teaching and research exchanges – faculty from our other members FGV-EAESP, Brazil and Warwick Business School, UK, regularly being invited by leading institutions in the region to provide their expertise.

In this issue of Global Voice, read 100 pages of research-based articles on business at the crossroads of society, management and leadership, and innovation in education. ESSEC faculty articles are from Profs. Aarti Ramaswami, Jan Ondrus, Reetika Gupta, Srividya Jandhyala, Tuck Siong Chung and Xavier Pavie. Enjoy!


For further information, contact Tom Gamble, Council Communication and International Projects Manager at ESSEC Business School:


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