Welcome Week: Relive the New Academic Year at ESSEC!


You never forget what it was like to start at ESSEC. And although the way new classes are welcomed has changed in recent years, the emotion remains exactly the same. Let’s take a look back at Welcome Week 2018 in pictures.

Every year, around 2,000 students and participants embark on the ESSEC Group’s various programmes: Grande École, Global BBA, Masters : Advanced Masters (MS), Global MBA, PhD and Executive Education programmes.

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Over a third of all students are now international, recruited from the best universities following an extremely demanding selection process. China, Morocco and India send the largest contingents.

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In total, the school welcomes over 6,500 students each year—including several hundred at the Singapore and Rabat campuses.

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Because today’s students are set to become tomorrow’s leaders, ESSEC strives to prepare them for their responsibilities as soon as they arrive on campus. First-year Grande École students take a 10-day seminar on the theme of "Understanding and Changing the World".

2018 09 11 - Welcome Week 5.jpg

On the agenda: workshops on social and environmental challenges, geopolitical issues, the economic changes and technological innovations of our time and talks from renowned figures such as Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the OECD, Claire Nouvian, chair of ocean protection charity Bloom, and Jean-Luc Petithuguenin (E79), founder and CEO of recycling group Paprec.

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The first term is peppered with a range of other programmes with a similar goal: a seminar on leadership and team spirit at Saint-Cyr, field trips to facilities such as factories, care homes and refugee camps, "Startup Shaker" boot camps to introduce students to entrepreneurship, Going Pro experiences to offer students an insight into the world of work and more.

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Meanwhile, first-year Global BBA students begin their course with Imagination Week, a creativity seminar based on cross-disciplinary approaches and design thinking.

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The new cohorts join not only the ranks of their peers at ESSEC but also the network of graduates. Many former students recorded video welcome messages, which were played during the welcome sessions at the suggestion of ESSEC Alumni.

2018 09 11 - Welcome Week 9.jpeg

In addition, thanks to lifetime membership, students now have immediate access to the alumni association’s services, as managing director Stéphanie Jossermoz (E94) announced on the first day of term in the Grand Amphitheatre.

2018 09 11 - Welcome Week 10.jpeg

Students are now able to contact Stéphanie Prévost, ESSEC Alumni campus manager, in her office in Cergy, for advice and the opportunity to be put in touch with former students.

2018 09 11 - Welcome Week 11.jpeg

It’s all bound to bring back fond memories of the ESSEC years!


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