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ESSEC Alumni takes over for ESSEC once you begin your career. The association remains by your side every step of the way, carrying on the tradition of mutual support, friendship and learning that you enjoyed during your studies. Whatever your need may be, we have the service for you!


Grow your network and accelerate your career with ESSEC Alumni

Looking for new contacts? The ESSEC Alumni directory, used by over 300 headhunters and thousands of companies in France and abroad, has alumni contact information for promising candidates.

Looking for a new opportunity? In addition to 50,000 job offers from our partners WATs4U and JobTeaser, ESSEC Alumni offers individual evaluations, coaching sessions, training workshops and special groups to help you find a job, get a promotion, move into a new line of work or get back on your feet.

Starting a new job at a major corporation? ESSEC Alumni will enlist one of our business correspondents to help you with the onboarding process, introduce you to fellow ESSEC alumni at the company, explain how the company works and boost your visibility with HR and management.

Striking out on your own as a consultant? ESSEC Alumni helps you fine-tune your offer and guides you through the administrative process.

Starting or acquiring a company? ESSEC Alumni gives you access to experts and investors to support your project every step of the way, from concept to funding and expansion.

Heading overseas? The ESSEC Alumni chapter in your country helps you get settled, introduces you to other expat alumni and local decision-makers, invites you to networking events and keeps you updated about professional opportunities near you. This service is also available to international alumni living in France, and there are regional versions for those outside the Paris region.


Stay informed and join the discussion: ESSEC Alumni offers many options for engaging with classmates and business leaders

Looking to share ideas? Each year the ESSEC Alumni professional clubs hold over 100 conferences and discussions in partnership with associations from other major educational institutions to promote synergy, facilitate networking and expand our influence.

Want to keep abreast of the latest business and managerial news? Our bimonthly Reflets ESSEC Magazine, biweekly ESSEC Alumni newsletter and ESSEC Alumni website feature articles from leading experts to keep you in the loop. These resources also publish items about new developments at your alma mater – and what your degree can bring you.

Want to get your message out? ESSEC Alumni has several channels for you to choose from if you need to request funds or support, fill a position or let everyone know about your new position on the Jobs & Appointments site. This content is promoted within the community, in the business world and in the media.


Exclusive get-togethers and fun activities with ESSEC Alumni

Like getting a great deal? ESSEC Alumni negotiates to get you preferential rates and private access at all kinds of institutions – not to mention the exclusive deals offered by our alumni on their own products and services.

Want to get in touch with your former classmates? Our program directors and graduating class representatives contact you about class reunions, travel opportunities and get-togethers where you can learn about what everyone is up to. You can also join one of the ESSEC Alumni recreational clubs that meet up for tours, shows, tastings and sporting events. 

A network for discussions, services and, above all, friendship!

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