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As of January this year, ESSEC Alumni is offering lifetime membership.  The principle is based on a one-off fee and guarantees permanent access to ESSEC Alumni’s services and network. There are no time limits on membership and no additional procedures to follow.

Membership services include: 

  • Career support services in France and abroad: 50,000 job opportunities a year, free career interviews with coaches, distribution of your profile to headhunters, workshops, support groups, e-learning…
  •  Exchange networks with ESSEC graduates, from debates and prestigious events, to informal meetings and international networking
  •  Start-up support: advice on building a pitch and fundraising, mentoring, networking with investors
  • Networking: class parties, after work events, culture and leisure clubs, newsletters, Reflets magazine…

Lifetime membership – it’s a win-win solution 

The lifetime membership price is adapted to each individual situation (e.g. trainee, retiree, couples). For graduates a discount scale is applied according to the number of subscriptions paid over the last ten years, i.e. between 2008 and 2017 (see table of discounts). Alumni can choose this year between the annual contribution (unchanged), or lifetime membership which includes the discount. 

Growing together

Already in place at prestigious American universities such as Stanford, Berkeley and Yale, the lifetime membership system (payment can be spread over 12 or 24 months) is a way of simplifying your life. It also enables the association to stabilize its budget, and invest in developing an offering adapted to the needs of a changing world. In response to needs expressed by both graduates and students, improved services and benefits include: 

  • International: reinforcing chapters, bilingual communication, remote services, enhancing the association’s presence/influence abroad.
  • Digitalization: geolocation, online services, redesigning and updating the directory, MOOCs
  • Relaunching the Entrepreneurs Club: investor networking, help with business creation and prospection, advice on pitching, coaching and mentoring
  • Influence and visibility of the ESSEC brand: media relations, prestigious events, partnerships with think-tanks and other institutions
  • Opening of new office space in Paris that is more central, more welcoming and complete with co-working spaces. 
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