International Chapters

ESSEC Alumni oversees chapters in more than 60 countries around the globe. These groups welcome new arrivals and make our community more dynamic. They hold conferences and gatherings where attendees can participate in educational and networking activities. They promote the ESSEC brand, establishing our reputation outside of France. They help thousands of alumni and students worldwide stay in touch with the association and the school.

In Paris, ESSEC Alumni hosts many events with a global reach and offers support to foreign alumni living in France.

Become a chapter member to:

  • Get help with preparations for your departure and getting settled
  • Develop and grow your local professional network
  • Access local job or partnership opportunities
  • Meet up with fellow expat alumni
  • Take advantage of ESSEC Alumni services worldwide
  • Use the ESSEC Alumni communication channels to promote your initiatives outside the country where you live


Click on your region in the list below to access your country's chapter!


ESSEC Alumni Contacts

Luana Bouquerel
To get involved in a chapter and suggest ideas or projects to its team. To join a chapter's bureau, suggest themes or speakers for conferences, and find out more about a chapter's network and activities 

Sarah Baharon
To sign up for a chapter's event or find out information about it


Haven't found a chapter where you live? Feel free to contact Luana Bouquerel to start a new one.


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