Class Representatives

ESSEC Alumni graduating class representatives act as liaisons between their graduating class and the association. They share information from the ESSEC Alumni office with their former classmates, and vice versa. These representatives strengthen the network and build cohesion by identifying all the members of their graduating class, keeping an eye on their careers, and encouraging them to participate in discussions and get involved. They hold get-togethers or arrange trips on a regular basis, especially when a class reunion is coming up.


Take a look at the full list of representatives for your graduating class, find their contact information in the directory and check our French site for more contents!


ESSEC Alumni Contacts 

Sarah Baharon
To get involved in the graduating class representatives network and suggest ideas or projects to them and sign up for an event or find out information about it

François Perrot (E06)
To find out more about the graduating class representatives network and activities 

Don't see a representative for your graduating class? Feel free to contact Sarah Baharon if you are interested in becoming one. 


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