Sports & Leisure Clubs

ESSEC Alumni’s sports and leisure clubs offer cultural visits, tasting sessions, trips or sporting events at preferential rates. Alumni can thus rediscover the group spirit and camaraderie of their years at ESSEC – because networking is not all about work!


Check our French site for the full list of our Sports & Leisure Clubs and for more contents!


ESSEC Alumni Contacts

Delphine Bouteloup 
To get involved in a club and suggest ideas or projects to its team

Sarah Baharon
To sign up for a club's event or find out information about it

Corinne Forasacco (B95)
To join a club's bureau, suggest events, and find out more about a club's network and activities 

Haven't found the club that's right for you? Feel free to contact Delphine Bouteloup to start a new one.


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