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Will the Rise of Chinese Universities Bring Millennials Back Home?

Every month, Matthieu David-Experton (E10), founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us an update on the China market.Today, he explains why many Chinese don't choose to study abroad anymore.   There has been a shift in the balance of scales of higher education from the West to the East. Asian universities increased from holding just 8 spots to 18 in 2015 on the World University League tables publis...

How Will Blockchain Disrupt Finance?

According to Romain Rouphaël (E09) and Côme Jean Jarry, co-founders of Belem, blockchain technology is about to shake up the financial services infrastructure. We’re seeing the advent of the first real projects to apply the blockchain technology. UBS, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, Banco Santander and the broker ICAP have announced their decision to team up and demonstrate the viabil...

Is Japan a Rising Fintech Sun?

Marine Guéguen (E16) and her twin sister Chloé travel the world to discover innovative FinTech start-ups that disrupt traditional systems. Here, they report on the thriving – yet atypical – Japanese Fintech scene. Where London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong are racing for the ‘FinTech hub gold medal’, Tokyo seems to be left behind. Yet, a Japanese FinTech hub has recently st...

Digital Is Disrupting Luxury

Internet changed the world. But will it change luxury? According to Denis Morisset (E79), it already is. Luxury brands were slow at embracing the digital revolution. They first perceived Internet as a loss of control and e-tailers as a threat with B2C and C2C platforms supporting counterfeits and grey markets while conflicting with integrated off-line retail. Even now, they rather open their ...

Is Big Data the Next Emerging Market for Luxury?

In a fast growing market like luxury, managers have no choice but to take data into account whenever they make a decision. Jonathan Siboni (E06), CEO at Luxurynsight, tells us more. At first glance, luxury and data don't seem to match together, which could explain why the industry is still a few steps behind. On one hand, luxury is abstract, charged with emotion, exclusive, whereas big data is...

Seeking New Talents in Luxury

In recent years recruitment in the luxury industry has gone through major changes. Franck Jacquard (E98), Principal & Head of Creative Pole with Sterling International, tells us more. The economic, social, and technological environment where appear social networks and high unemployment, has changed the hiring process, whatever the sector. Numerous candidates, entrepreneurship on the rise, ...

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