ESSEC Start-Ups Feature in the Top 100 Start-Ups to Invest In, According to Challenges Magazine


French magazine Challenges published its 2018 Top 100 Start-Ups to Invest In, and we spotted 6 ESSEC entrepreneurs on the list. Food for thought for our alumni investors…?

Maxime Manseau (M13) is looking to raise €600,000 for Drive or Phone, a system that detects whether you’re behind the wheel and, if you are, increases your safety by limiting your access to certain applications on your phone while you’re driving. 

Hélène Lucien (M11) wants to raise €350,000 for GeoKaps, a platform that structures and analyzes public social data by key moments, expressions and geographical area to allow companies to converse and increase knowledge of their customers.

Paul Poupet (student) wants to raise €400,000 for Moore, a solution that combines artificial intelligence and cloud technology to provide smartphones with unlimited storage capacity.

Jean MoreauJean Moreau (E06) is looking for €7M for Phénix, a pioneer start-up in the reduction of waste targeting the unsold products of large supermarkets, catering companies, event organizers and charities.

Etienne Genvrin (E16) wants to raise €1.4 M for Speekoo, a language learning platform based on an innovative linguistic approach combined with cultural immersion.

Martin Pellet (E11) and Marc Charpentier (E13) are looking to raise €300,000 for Supra, a brand of accessible light beer already available in bars in Paris, which will be served in the brasserie they plan to open in Saint-Denis.


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