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Avasa AI: Right at Home

Mayank Mathur (E02) and Valerie Vigouroux (E03) launched Avasa AI, aiming to bring search for rental properties into the 21st century. Property search remains an antiquated process that requires you to spend 50-250 hours to finalise a property you like. With a mix of Artificial Intelligence, automation and human interaction, Mayank Mathur and Valerie Vigouroux are creating a concierge platfo...

Irana Consulting: Plan to Iran

After five years of international working experience in Iran, France and Germany, Rana Jalali (M13) decided to launch Irana Consulting so as to help European firms having a sustainable business relationship with Iran. Rana Jalali guides her customers through the process of extending their market into Iran and supports them to manage their projects smoothly in the country. Her business model ...

Panafrica: Walk in Africa's Shoes

As soon as he left ESSEC, Hugues Didier (E13) stepped up with Panafrica, a brand of sneakers made with African fabrics. Hugues Didier came up with the idea during his first job with a start-up between Senegal, the Ivory Coast and the Republic of Congo. Fascinated by the outfits of the African women, he asked his friend and designer Vulfran de Richoufftz to craft shoes using the traditional, lo...

Authentise: the Future of Manufacture

With Authentise, Andre Wegner (M07) provides software and services that help corporations enter the Distributed Manufacturing (DM) age. Andre Wegner launched Authentise in 2012 to build intellectual property tools, industrial control systems and quality control software for the digital supply chain. These tools enable distributed manufacturing transactions. It currently is providing solutions...

Vegware: Keen on Green

Ceicy Wong (L07) launched the Hong Kong branch of Vegware, the only brand operating globally to carry a complete range of 100 % compostable food packaging. Vegware makes compostable packaging that breaks down faster than biodegradable packaging – in only 14 weeks. Ceicy Wong says: “It’s a genuine brand offering solutions not only for our generation but for future generations too. Landfill in H...

WeRoom: Get a Room!

Thomas Villeneuve (E06) launched WeRoom, a trusted online marketplace for people who wants to live flatsharing experiences. The website’s functionalities and strong social integration allow users to choose the most appropriate tenants and flatmates in a fluid and intuitive way, favouring lifestyle and personality, not just price, place and location. The platform already acquired 350,000 regi...

Wellbots: Buy to the Future

Expats in New York, Philippe Berdugo (E11) and David Markson (E11) co-founded Wellbots, an e-commerce site dedicated to smart products Backed by around fifty partnerships with leading brands in the sector, Wellbots sells products such as drones, home robots, connected toys and activity trackers. Profitable since its first year of business, the company has launched its first “Ranking of Top 25 ...

Walnut Algorithms: High Finance, High Technology

Kevin Lourd (E16) has co-developed Walnut Algorithms, an artificial intelligence solution that could revolutionize the financial markets. Automatic trading, although it has reached a certain technological maturity, still demands significant investment in R&D. The work may traditionally focus on stochastic mathematics, but certain quantitative American investment funds – e.g. Renaissance Te...

Uraniom: Have Your Picture Scanned

With UraniomLoïc Ledoux (M10) offers technology for creating photo-realistic 3D avatars. Making a 3D scan has long been a complex, expensive operation requiring the input of a specialist. Today, the technology is becoming accessible to the mass market thanks to solutions such as Occipital’s Structure Sensor, which operates on various mobile devices, the captor Intel® RealSenseTM R200, soon a...

Sketchfab: Master of Share

Alban Denoyel (E08) is the mastermind behind Sketchfab, the world’s biggest library of 3D files. Alban Denoyel spent several years as a journalist, until his passion for sculpture and creation led him to discover the world of 3D. In 2012 he launched Sketchfab, at the time the first platform for sharing 3D files. A year later he left for New York to develop the company, backed by his participat...

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