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GeoKaps: Messages in situ

Hélène Lucien (M11) joined forces with engineer Yann Petit to create GeoKaps, a geolocated communications application for starting public or hidden conversations in your region of choice. Winner of the ERDF Intelligent Electric Networks competition in 2015, the platform now offers its services to companies. It’s used by ERDF’s communications and customer service teams to improve the control an...

Cybronics: In Line for Online Innovation

After nine years in telecom industries, Jérome Derozard (E99) founded Cybronics in 2010 to invest in the emerging sector of the connected home. Backed by ESSEC Ventures, Cybronics designs software for new connected devices that enable manufacturers and operators to generate new revenues. Cybronics creates services in its own name, such as LifeShow, which enables its 800,000 users to automatica...

Content Square: The Right Click

Jonathan Cherki (E12) has raised 20 million dollars for his software publisher Content Square. Content Square helps online retailers understand their key conversion issues in a digital ecosystem in constant evolution. The software guides the actions of marketing teams in real time thanks to a decision-making tool that can record the movements of the mouse, process the massive influx of data co...

Bubblz: Automatic Transmission

Sébastien Bencherqui (C13), along with two friends, created Bubblz, an online application for companies to automate their exchange of files. Convinced of its potential, ESSEC Ventures incubated the project and contributed to its financing via seed funds. “This helped us developed our complex technology and find the right product/market fit.” Having started by targeting individuals, Bubblz now...

Braineet: Brainsharing

Jonathan Livescault (E10) is the creator of Braineet, a mobile site and application that enables users to share innovative ideas with brands. On the one hand, members are valued and rewarded for the quality of their suggestions, and contribute to an improved customer experience for millions of people. On the other hand, partner companies engage their customers over the long-term, continuously ...

Aximark: First Data

Christian Renard (E69) is the creator of Aximark, a digital transformation consultancy. Christian Renard is anything but a beginner. A pioneer of mass insurance in France and a specialist in customer marketing and B2C2C, in 1981 he founded Mediavente, a leader in CRM and outsourcing marketing services for the service industry for the past thirty years. In 2009 he launched Aximark, with the sam...

Augment: Beyond Reality

Co-founded by Mickaël Jordan (E10), Augment aims to become a world leader in augmented reality. Mickaël Jordan had his first taste of entrepreneurship during a marketing internship at Netvizio, an Israeli startup specialized in applications for smart TV. Back in France, he met Jean-François Chianetta, an engineer who developed a mobile application for simulating 3D models of products in real w...

Adjungo: The Profitability of Mobility

Cédric Girardclos (E98) is the founder of Adjungo, a company dedicated to the management of professional smartphones and tablets. During his career in the telecoms business, Cédric Giradclos noticed that as smartphone use became generalized, Information System directors increasingly expressed the need for effective systems to protect sensitive data exchanged via interconnected mobiles. Keen t...

We Sport You: Good Sport Is Good Business

Marjory Malbert (M12) has launched her strategic consultancy We Sport You to bring a new dimension to company culture and HR management practices – all thanks to sport. Malbert is convinced that, in the current economic climate, if organizations are to ensure their competitiveness and longevity they must move towards new paradigms, reinventing themselves and becoming more human. Hence her goa...

DervalResearch: Doing Business the Chinese Way

Wondering whether you should expand to China with your company or not? Take your cue from the success story of Prof. Diana Derval (I03&B05). An expert teaching neuromarketing and product management classes at ESSEC Executive Education, Prof. Diana Derval arrived in Shanghai 3 years ago with a core team and a clear mission: to set up DervalResearch in China. The handicaps: none spoke a word...

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