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G. Alaix: Hands on The Bag

Grégoire Alaix (E14) gave his name to the leather goods brand G. Alaix.  The strength of his collections lies in the variety of colours, the use of noble and original materials from the best Italian leather traders and the attention to details as we can see with the inner linings designed with artist Isaure Perrin. The line includes women handbags, but also small leather goods for him and her,...

Fob: Ahead of Time

Aurélien Caron (M11) created Fob Paris, an avant-guarde watch brand, in collaboration with two engineer friends.  The three associates found the perfect way to combine their passion for creation and their love for watchmaking skills. Together they reinvent the pocket watch, crafting sophisticated and geometrical models, all fitted with automatic movements and made in France. The "Avant-garde"...

Ekyog: Dress Code of Conduct

Since 2003, Louis-Marie Vautier (G03) has been developing Ekyog, a pioneer fashion label of ethic clothes for women. Ekyog was one of the first brands to offer clothes manufactured responsibly, environmentally and socially. "We set up unique certified production chains, with real traceability and independent audits. We have an eco-design approach: we use natural materials, notably Indian organ...

Duvelleroy: Fan Is in The Air

Éloïse Gilles (E03) and Raphaëlle de Panafieu took over Duvelleroy, a maison that has been crafting hand fans in Paris since 1827. With a dual degree in Litterature and Sales and a former job in brand valuation at the firm Brand Behavior and Assets, Éloïse Gilles was the perfect candidate to revive the fan as a fashion accessory. Taking inspiration from the Duvelleroy archives, and capitalizi...

Camille Fournet: Clock Around The Wrist

After graduating from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration and spending some years at the Ministry of Finance, Jean-Luc Déchery (E75) took over Camille Fournet, a historical leather goods company. Founded in Picardy in 1945, Camille Fournet creates leather straps for the finest watchmakers, using master saddler tools and methods. It is a fast growing business with its unique tailor-made str...

Dandy Nomad: Be in The Bag

Emmanuelle Coppinger (E08) runs Dandy Nomad, a line of travel accessories made in Europe. Three years ago, Dandy Nomad launched an innovative suitcase cover that quickly attracted modern nomads who wanted to travel in a stylish and handy manner. Its success led to the development of a line of travel accessories - and the brand became profitable in 2015. It is now available in about 20 countri...

Charlie Watch: Yes on Their Watch

Adrien Sanglé-Ferrière (E14) and Ambroise Parlos (E17) run Charlie Watch, a watch brand for a young, design-savvy audience. Charlie Watch offers a clever strap-switching system for classic and contemporary watches, assembled in Paris. "We combine a premium product with a fair price." This is why the young start-up focuses its communication on social networks and sells exclusively on its own we...

Boulangeries Firmin: Bread and Better

Since 2006, Grégory Fourey (E00) earns his crust with Boulangeries Firmin. The chain has 35 stores, 250 employees and a turnover of more than €10 million. After positive TV exposure on French show Patron Incognito (Undercover Boss), Boulangeries Firmin has started its international expansion (California, Romania...) and launched in France the Boulangerie Kiosque, an original format for a ...

Bankin': It All Adds Up

Joan Burkovic (E11) and Robin Dauzonse optimize your personal finances with Bankin', an app developed at ESSEC Ventures. Bankin' allows you to check all your accounts in different banking institutions. "In that area, just like in politics, a little transparency can't hurt." Created in 2011, the app has already been downloaded 1.2 million times and its professional version Bankin' Pro ...

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