Authentise: the Future of Manufacture

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With Authentise, Andre Wegner (M07) provides software and services that help corporations enter the Distributed Manufacturing (DM) age.

Andre Wegner launched Authentise in 2012 to build intellectual property tools, industrial control systems and quality control software for the digital supply chain. These tools enable distributed manufacturing transactions. It currently is providing solutions to rights owners and intermediaries of computer animated design data for additive manufacturing.

In 2013 its subsidiary, Authentise Services, began providing strategic consultancy and pilot execution services to help corporations put the new supply chain paradigm at the core of their business. In doing so it is delivering DM for classification societies, governments and their supply chain inspection partners, especially in shipping, transportation, logistics, aerospace and automotive. The launch of Lowe’s Innovation Lab’s 3D scanning and printing initiative is the first example of this work.

Authentise has emerged as a global thought leader in DM and its intellectual property implications. Its strategic partners with industry leaders such as Autodesk have cemented this position. In not only projecting a new kind of supply chain but building tools for it, Authentise is fulfilling the ethos of Singularity University, where it started.


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