Irana Consulting: Plan to Iran

None Rana Jalali

After five years of international working experience in Iran, France and Germany, Rana Jalali (M13) decided to launch Irana Consulting so as to help European firms having a sustainable business relationship with Iran.

Rana Jalali guides her customers through the process of extending their market into Iran and supports them to manage their projects smoothly in the country.

Her business model is based on numerous partnerships with Iranian companies and organizations from both private and public sectors, which bring a great local network and years of successful experience into the company. 

Rana Jalali provides different services in this regard: market entry consulting, on-site project supply, connecting Iranian and European startup ecosystems, relocation services, headhunting, and so on.

Irana Consulting has many ESSEC alumni among its team members as well as its customers.


Irana Consulting has a special offer for ESSEC Alumni members. Check it out here.


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