Lucky Cart: Shop to Win

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Following an initial entrepreneurial venture after graduating, then several years with Ubisoft, Cyril Marchal (E98) invented Promogaming® with his start-up Lucky Cart.

How many people would prefer a 1-in-20 chance of winning the contents of their basket, rather than a €5 discount on a purchase of €100? The majority, according to Cyril Marchal. With that in mind he created Lucky Cart to develop what he calls Promogaming, whereby distributors and brands can create a promotion offering consumers the chance to have their purchase reimbursed, get a personalized discount, or get a set amount of money.

Lucky Cart has 23 employees and operates on the French and British markets, with Germany next in line. Cyril Marchal can be confident: in 2015 alone his company persuaded more than a million consumers to play.


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