Panafrica: Walk in Africa's Shoes


As soon as he left ESSEC, Hugues Didier (E13) stepped up with Panafrica, a brand of sneakers made with African fabrics.

Hugues Didier came up with the idea during his first job with a start-up between Senegal, the Ivory Coast and the Republic of Congo. Fascinated by the outfits of the African women, he asked his friend and designer Vulfran de Richoufftz to craft shoes using the traditional, local fabrics. He came up with a pair of light and joyful shoes and the first series sold like hot cakes online.

Today, Panafrica continues its development with one motto: "Take responsible steps!" Each pair is assembled by African craftsmen in human-sized workshops. Most importantly, with the backing of the #WalkForSchool program and local community groups, each purchase allows to give a complete school kit to an African pupil. 

Panafrica 2.jpg

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