Sketchfab: Master of Share

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Alban Denoyel (E08) is the mastermind behind Sketchfab, the world’s biggest library of 3D files.

Alban Denoyel spent several years as a journalist, until his passion for sculpture and creation led him to discover the world of 3D. In 2012 he launched Sketchfab, at the time the first platform for sharing 3D files. A year later he left for New York to develop the company, backed by his participation in TechStars - an ultra-selective startup accelerator.

Sketchfab now has native integration with Facebook, Photoshop, Microsoft HoloLens, and enables content visualization in real time. The company, which employs 20 people and has offices in Paris and New York, has raised some 10 million dollars to finance its growth.


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