Uraniom: Have Your Picture Scanned


With UraniomLoïc Ledoux (M10) offers technology for creating photo-realistic 3D avatars.

Making a 3D scan has long been a complex, expensive operation requiring the input of a specialist. Today, the technology is becoming accessible to the mass market thanks to solutions such as Occipital’s Structure Sensor, which operates on various mobile devices, the captor Intel® RealSenseTM R200, soon available on leading tablets, and, on classic smartphones in the future, via a specific application from the company Dacuda - all leading edge companies that collaborate with Uraniom.

Founded in 2014, Uraniom enables users to scan themselves in a few clicks of their mobile phone, and use their exact digital copy in a virtual universe. The concept is targeted at video game fans, although not exclusively. “Our users experience a strong feeling of immersion, which can also make sense in the world of e-learning and event organization.

Following its high-profile presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it exhibited in partnership with Intel, Uraniom is at a turning point. “We’re currently available in beta version on PC, and are in discussions with top publishers to become compatible with more games, and on all platforms – consoles, mobiles etc.

If you can’t wait, the service will soon be available in around thirty points of sale - partners of the startup equipped with a 3D scanner - in Europe and North America.


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