Vegware: Keen on Green

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Ceicy Wong (L07) launched the Hong Kong branch of Vegware, the only brand operating globally to carry a complete range of 100 % compostable food packaging.

Vegware makes compostable packaging that breaks down faster than biodegradable packaging – in only 14 weeks. Ceicy Wong says: “It’s a genuine brand offering solutions not only for our generation but for future generations too. Landfill in Hong Kong is full and the fast food market is growing rapidly. It hurts to see the extensive use of plastics and polystyrene in the HK food industry. Many clients feel bad using plastic and polystyrene products, as they are not aware of green alternatives, or green suppliers in the market; but they are now!”

Vegware also provides eco-audits on the amount of carbon, virgin material saved and potential landfill diversion to customers. In 2013, Vegware customers saved 925 tonnes of carbon, which is tantamount to cancelling around 625 flights from Paris to Hong Kong. “It’s a long journey but it’s rewarding to educate people. I’m representing a brand with a good cause.”


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