We Sport You: Good Sport Is Good Business


Marjory Malbert (M12) has launched her strategic consultancy We Sport You to bring a new dimension to company culture and HR management practices – all thanks to sport.

Malbert is convinced that, in the current economic climate, if organizations are to ensure their competitiveness and longevity they must move towards new paradigms, reinventing themselves and becoming more human.

Hence her goal to get as many people as possible (whether sports enthusiasts or not) behind unifying, transversal and meaningful projects to build the company of tomorrow – learning and collaborative, a genuine space of wellbeing and as a consequence, more successful.

She promotes her mission through We Sport You, which accompanies organizations (universities, companies or public administration) during the change process in three key areas: wellbeing, management and communication. By using sport as leverage in an organization’s strategy and throughout an employee’s career with the company, We Sport You implements a tailored action plan together with an overall communication strategy, advice on funding and personalized follow-up for the women and men at the heart of an organization’s successful transformation.

Her slogan? “Think customers, act employees”.

We Sport You has a special offer for members of ESSEC alumni. Click here to find out more.


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