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Chinese Chronicles: How Can Fashion Brands Organize their Online-Offline Distribution Balance?

Every month, Matthieu David-Experton (E10), founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us an update on the China market. Today, he explains how fashion brands can organize their online-offline distribution balance in China. The internet in China is one of the most powerful methods to increase brand penetration and sales volume as a clothing or fashion brand. It is easy to become seduced by e-commerce ...

Read: Islamic Marketing

In this book, Prof. Cedomir Nestorovic analyses the current Islamic marketing environment. Since the Muslim world is extremely diverse in terms of economic development, customs and traditions and political and legal systems, it is vital for companies and marketers to analyze the environment before attempting to address these markets. The author emphasizes that it is ineffectual to elaborate the...

Chinese Chronicles: Indispensable but Sidelined: The Working Class of China

Every month, Matthieu David-Experton (E10), founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us an update on the China market. Today, he says businesses would be wise to pay more attention to the Chinese working class. Estimates at the lower end of the spectrum total the Chinese middle-class to 110 million people (total workforce is 770 million). This is bigger than even the United States’ 92 million strong...

Digital Report (3): HR, Don’t Miss out on the Digital Action

In the face of digital transformation the role of the Human Resources (HR) director is set to metamorphose. Pascal Poiget (E83), digital managing partner with executive search firm Headlight International, explains why HR managers must embrace the change. Retail, automotive, banking, press, pharmaceutical, energy… no sector remains untouched by the digital transformation. The digital shift has...

Digital Report (2): Tech Entrepreneurs Must Be Pragmatic

Recognized as one of the most inventive mapping company, TomTom had to face a giant competitor, Google! Corinne Vigreux (C87), co-founder of TomTom, explains how the company faced this new stake. ESSEC Alumni: TomTom, one of the world leader in the personal navigation systems, has seen its leadership ending, when Google developed, around 2004, its free mapping tools. How did you and your compa...

Digital Report (1): the Challenge of Change

It’s a fact: the impact of the digital transition on the economy, social organizations and institutional relations is one of the major challenges we face over the coming years. The digital transformation is revolutionizing business models, and “no sector, whether retail, automotive, banking, press, pharmaceutical or energy, will remain untouched!” insists Pascal Poiget (E83), digital managing ...

Digital Recruitment: Change is The Only Constant

The acceleration of digital transformation across business sectors generates specific difficulties in recruiting candidates with appropriate profiles. Check out the explanations of Denis Conaut (E91), founder of the digital transformation consulting agency Moonsy and strategic director of the Little Buddha Group. Over the past few years the digital transformation environment has changed consi...

Change Management: 7 Golden Rules

Knowing how to manage change is an increasingly important skill for businesses. But how do you get your teams to participate in new ways of doing things? By following the seven golden rules of David Askienazy, co-founder of the organization and management consulting firm AM+DA, and co-author of the book Réconcilier les décideurs et le terrain : Pour réussir le changement dans l'entreprise (lite...

API: Businesses Need Apps

Mass-market apps currently offer users cutting-edge experiences. Yet the range aimed at businesses lags behind. This gap could soon be reduced thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Thomas Bompaire (E11) decrypts the situation for us. The omnipresence of the mobile phone in our personal lives is now well documented: an IFOP study from 2013 already showed 42% of French people wer...

Fintech Report (4): Is Japan a Rising Fintech Sun?

Marine Guéguen (E16) and her twin sister Chloé travel the world to discover innovative FinTech start-ups that disrupt traditional systems. Here, they report on the thriving – yet atypical – Japanese Fintech scene. Where London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong are racing for the ‘FinTech hub gold medal’, Tokyo seems to be left behind. Yet, a Japanese FinTech hub has recently st...

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