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Change Management: 7 Golden Rules

Knowing how to manage change is an increasingly important skill for businesses. But how do you get your teams to participate in new ways of doing things? By following the seven golden rules of David Askienazy, co-founder of the organization and management consulting firm AM+DA, and co-author of the book Réconcilier les décideurs et le terrain : Pour réussir le changement dans l'entreprise (lite...

API: Businesses Need Apps

Mass-market apps currently offer users cutting-edge experiences. Yet the range aimed at businesses lags behind. This gap could soon be reduced thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Thomas Bompaire (E11) decrypts the situation for us. The omnipresence of the mobile phone in our personal lives is now well documented: an IFOP study from 2013 already showed 42% of French people wer...

Fintech Report (4): Is Japan a Rising Fintech Sun?

Marine Guéguen (E16) and her twin sister Chloé travel the world to discover innovative FinTech start-ups that disrupt traditional systems. Here, they report on the thriving – yet atypical – Japanese Fintech scene. Where London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong are racing for the ‘FinTech hub gold medal’, Tokyo seems to be left behind. Yet, a Japanese FinTech hub has recently st...

Health and Entrepreneurship: a Historic Opportunity for French Industry

New fields and players are set to emerge in the health sector thanks to medical innovation. Gilles Lasserre (E87) and Michel Daigne, co-founders of Sapiens 5, are convinced French industry can benefit. France has an extraordinary card to play in the new world of health taking shape before us. Between now and 2030, a wealth of innovations - at the intersection of biotechnology, digital technolo...

Forget About Sport in the Company – It’s Now All About Sport and the Company

Sport lies at the heart of the competitiveness and longevity of a company. This is the premise of Marjory Malbert (M12), founder of the consultancy firm We Sport You. But how can the notion of sport be integrated into a business model to improve the economic, human and environmental performance of a company? With globalization, Human Resources management practices have evolved considerably – ...

The New Face of Direct Selling

Direct selling is booming once again. But what explains its comeback? Claire Lafon (E11) is founder of Apicia, a start-up whose business model is largely based on the direct selling channel. She gives us her take on the subject. Direct selling is undergoing a transformation. Forget the slightly dated image of 80’s Tupperware parties. The new direct selling companies of today are modern, fun, b...

Career Guidance: New Keys to Success

Will coaching right from higher education be the key to success for young adults faced with the changes currently transforming our society? That's the argument put forward by Alice Le Scouarnec (E11), founder of HumanOz, who accompanies her clients on the road to self-awareness. Youth coaching has taken off. For many years now, increasing numbers of teenagers and young adults – sometimes enc...

Chinese Chronicles: Will the Rise of Local Universities Bring Millennials Back Home?

Every month, Matthieu David-Experton (E10), founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us an update on the China market.Today, he explains why many Chinese don't choose to study abroad anymore.   There has been a shift in the balance of scales of higher education from the West to the East. Asian universities increased from holding just 8 spots to 18 in 2015 on the World University League tables publis...

Fintech Report (1): How Will Blockchain Disrupt Finance?

According to Romain Rouphaël (E09) and Côme Jean Jarry, co-founders of Belem, blockchain technology is about to shake up the financial services infrastructure. We’re seeing the advent of the first real projects to apply the blockchain technology. UBS, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, Banco Santander and the broker ICAP have announced their decision to team up and demonstrate the viabil...

France vs United Kingdom: Who Cares More?

Which countries offer the best cover for their patients? Annie Jullien-Pannelay (E05), principal, Healthcare division, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), shares her views on French and British healthcare systems. ESSEC Alumni: How do you measure the efficiency of a healthcare system? Annie Jullien-Pannelay: The WHO uses a method called DALY which subtracts the number of years lost due to illn...

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