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Strategy: Don't Aim Straight

Oddly enough, it is often easier to achieve your goals when you don't aim directly at them. It's the obliquity principle. Jérôme Barthélemy (E93), professor of strategy and management at ESSEC, explains why. The space probe Messenger was launched in August 2004. First it came back towards Earth, then passed twice near Venus and circled Mercury three times. It finally reached its orbit in March...

Luxury Report (1): Pushing Back the Frontiers

An institution of excellence, ESSEC Business School has always been closely associated with the luxury sector. It got well ahead of its competitors when setting up specific courses on luxury issues, first with the LVMH Chair in 1991, then with the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management, which turned 25 years old this year. Now the Chair has 440 alumni, and the MBA 600, while the ESSEC Lux...

Luxury Report (2): Digital Disruption

Internet changed the world. But will it change luxury? According to Denis Morisset (E79), it already is. Luxury brands were slow at embracing the digital revolution. They first perceived Internet as a loss of control and e-tailers as a threat with B2C and C2C platforms supporting counterfeits and grey markets while conflicting with integrated off-line retail. Even now, they rather open their ...

Luxury Report (3): Is Big Data the Next Emerging Market?

In a fast growing market like luxury, managers have no choice but to take data into account whenever they make a decision. Jonathan Siboni (E06), CEO at Luxurynsight, tells us more. At first glance, luxury and data don't seem to match together, which could explain why the industry is still a few steps behind. On one hand, luxury is abstract, charged with emotion, exclusive, whereas big data is...

Luxury Report (4): Getting Good at CSR

To some, luxury’s taste for excess and ephemerality makes it incompatible with corporate social responsibility. Sonja Prokopec, LVMH Chaired Professor, sets the record straight. Back in 2007, WWF created quite a stir with a report entitled ‘Deeper Luxury’, which stated that most of luxury brands performed poorly when it came to ethical and environmental concerns – on a scale from A to F, the h...

Luxury Report (5): Seeking New Talents

In recent years recruitment in the luxury industry has gone through major changes. Franck Jacquard (E98), Principal & Head of Creative Pole with Sterling International, tells us more. The economic, social, and technological environment where appear social networks and high unemployment, has changed the hiring process, whatever the sector. Numerous candidates, entrepreneurship on the rise, ...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Jack Lang

On Tuesday 17th May, 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC met with Jack Lang, former Minister for National Education, former Minister for Cultural Affairs under François Mitterand, and current President of the Institut du monde arabe. Report by student Eugénie Bapst. Calm and cheerful, Jack Lang looks much like an old sage who is above the trivial nature of pressing aspirations – in other words, he no ...

Are Investors Like Any Other Managers?

Investment funds usually target well-run companies. It could be interesting to look at their portfolio to spot companies where to send a resume. To get close to this ecosystem, you have to understand it first. Daniel Piette (E69), from L Capital, and Guillaume Jacqueau (E87), from Equistone, explain their role in the management of their targets. EA: What does L Capital do?   Daniel Piette: We...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Bernard Cazeneuve

On 3 May 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC welcomed Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, and warned him of the danger of favouring security over freedom. Report by student Charles Tetu. Bomb squads, searches, identity controls… A visit from a high-placed, sitting minister is serious business. He himself has taken on a serious air that has become “permanent” since he took office. This gives h...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Yves Perrier

On March 22 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC and partner association ESSEC Transaction met with Yves Perrier (E76), Managing Director of Europe’s leading asset management company, Amundi. A crash course in finance, management and even philosophy. Report by student Diego Mermet. A man who had to choose between becoming a professional football player and pursuing academics, Yves Perrier kicked off th...

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