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Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Inquiry on Freemasonry

On 12 January 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC welcomed Daniel Keller, Grand Master of Grand Orient de France, and Serge Moati, a former mason. Two figures from the shadows to shed some light on Freemasonry. Report by student Clémence de Villepin. This is the history of Freemasonry, and through it, of its beliefs, the fruit of debate. The multiple sources to which Freemasonry can trace its origins ...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: The Digital Issue

On 2015, December 8th, Mardis de l'ESSEC invited Damien Viel (E97), managing director for Twitter France, Didier Rappaport, founder of Happn and Dailymotion, and Dominique Cardon, a sociologist at Orange Labs, at the Mazars France offices to talk about digital transition and big data. Report by student Axel Ropars. There are many misconceptions and fears about big data. However Damien Viel...

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