Digital Report (1): the Challenge of Change

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It’s a fact: the impact of the digital transition on the economy, social organizations and institutional relations is one of the major challenges we face over the coming years.

The digital transformation is revolutionizing business models, and “no sector, whether retail, automotive, banking, press, pharmaceutical or energy, will remain untouched!” insists Pascal Poiget (E83), digital managing partner at Headlight International who, in this report, incites Human Resources directors to be a key part of the digital action.

To evolve in what is turning out to be a true digital transformation, companies are facing considerable training needs. For two years the ESSEC Group has been committed to rising to this challenge. The Accenture Chair in Strategic Business Analytics – with a mission to train the digital architects of the future - aims to encourage better understanding of the impact of digital on the economy, businesses and administrations. And the creation of a center of excellence for digital business helps companies define their transformation plan, and identify the changes they need to make.

To communicate and inform - internally and externally - ESSEC relies massively on social networks, including Twitter, whose French branch's CEO is Damien Viel (E97).

Digital is accelerating the speed of exchanges and making traditional economic models more rapidly obsolete. Corinne Vigreux (C87), co-founder and director of TomTom, explains how her company successfully transformed to avoid becoming one of the numerous victims of the disruptive innovation steamroller.

Companies can rise to the incredible challenge of digital technologies and transformation if they reconsider their fundamental principles, and demonstrate greater agility in their efforts to innovate. It’s now up to the digital managers of the future!


Michel Zerr


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