Alumni with an exemplary or atypical career answer our questions about their activities, and the secrets of their success. Check our French site for even more contents! (Page under construction)


Christophe Murbach (M13), INNsafety’s Organizer: “Occupational Health and Safety Has Become a Key Issue for Businesses”

Christophe Murbach (M13) is launching the INNsafety : The Safety Innovation Showcase event in Paris on 29th November, with the aim of boosting innovation in occupational health and safety issues. ESSEC Alumni: How did your career lead you to tackle occupational health and safety issues? Christophe Murbach: I started my career in organizational structure and management system consulting and ...

Samantha Nioche (E04), Real Estate Agent in Florida: "The US Real Estate Market Is Booming"

Samantha Nioche (E04) is not afraid of change. After moving from banking to the food industry, she started out in real estate in Florida - and encourages fellow alumni to follow in her footsteps.  ESSEC Alumni: Tell us about your career path before arriving in Florida… Samantha Nioche: I did my internship in FID Sales in the trading room at Morgan Stanley, and ended up staying there. I was li...

Eric Barritault (E14), in Humanitarian Mission for Life Project 4 Youth: "We Can't Keep Ignoring the Big Challenges of Our Time"

For the past two years, Eric Barritault (E14) has been working for the NGO Life Project 4 Youth, which helps young people excluded from the labor market to find jobs. He tells ESSEC Alumni about his experience before returning to France. ESSEC Alumni: Why did you choose to work for Life Project 4 Youth? Eric Barritault: Life Project 4 Youth supports the professional and social integration of ...

Sébastien Bencherqui (C13), co-founder of Bubblz: "We had neither a team, nor money, nor a product, nor a market. But – we had an idea!"

In 2013, Sébastien Bencherqui (C13) launched Bubblz, a start-up specialised in company process management and digitalisation. Five years later, he tells us all about his success story. Bubblz provides clients with an intuitive SaaS platform that makes it super-simple to supervise, secure and analyse various workflows in order to gain in performance and productivity. Moreover, Bubblz enables ...

Jérôme Barthélémy (E97), Film Producer and Cesar Laureate: "It’s the culmination of 4 years’ work"

The 2018 Cesar for Best Animated Short Film was awarded to Grandpa Walrus, a film directed by Lucrèce Andreae and produced by Jérôme Barthélémy (E97). The former ESSEC student told us how the project came about, and what it’s like to receive such a prestigious award.  ESSEC Alumni: What’s Grandpa Walrus about? Jérôme Barthélémy: Grandpa Walrus tells the story of a family that gets together to...

Romain Pilliard (C98), sailor: "I run the Route du Rhum to promote the circular economy"

Sail professional Romain Pilliard (C98) decided to run the Route du Rhum with a trimaran maintained according to the circular economy principles – because the fight against pollution also takes place at sea. EA: Why did you decide to defend the circular economy cause specifically? R. Pilliard: I spent a lot of time on the sea, I travelled all over the world, including in China, and what I sa...

Alexia Leleu (M09), CEO, Maison Leleu: "Relaunching a company is about finding the right balance between tradition and modernity"

Founded in 1910, Maison Leleu, specialist furniture makers with worldwide renown, ended production in 1973. 45 years later, Alexia Leleu (M09) left the pharmaceutical industry to revive the family business. A radical change of scene – which she reveals to us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. EA: Why did you choose to relaunch the family business now?  A. Leleu: I’ve only really apprecia...

Max Métral (E16), Formula 1® Insight Manager: "I’m a fierce believer in the power of grit"

For Max Métral (E16) a career in the international sports industry had always been in his sights and ESSEC provided the unique opportunity to set his own course and explore the horizon. This led him across the Channel to the UK, Manchester City FC and now Formula 1 racing. Full revs on Max Métral and life in the fast track. Max Métral recently joined Formula 1® as Insight Manager, with a role ...

Damien Viel, Managing Director of Twitter France

Twitter has celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016. Despite its 320 million active monthly users worldwide, most analysts would say the 140-character microblogging site has not yet found its economic model. This is something its cofounder Jack Dorsey, who returned as CEO of the business in 2015, strongly denies. At the same time, Damien Viel (E97), from YouTube (Google), became the new managi...

Céline Saada-Benaben, Managing Director of eBay France

Céline Saada-Benaben (E93), Managing Director of eBay France, is celebrating 10 years with the famous platform. During that time she has progressed as quickly as the site itself, occupying no less than six positions. She provides an overview for ESSEC Alumni. ESSEC Alumni: eBay marked its 20-year anniversary in 2015. What’s the secret to longevity in a sector as fast changing as the Internet? ...

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