Alumni with an exemplary or atypical career answer our questions about their activities, and the secrets of their success. Check our French site for even more contents!


Max Métral (E16), Formula 1® Insight Manager: "I’m a fierce believer in the power of grit"

For Max Métral (E16) a career in the international sports industry had always been in his sights and ESSEC provided the unique opportunity to set his own course and explore the horizon. This led him across the Channel to the UK, Manchester City FC and now Formula 1 racing. Full revs on Max Métral and life in the fast track. Max Métral recently joined Formula 1® as Insight Manager, with a role ...

Damien Viel, Managing Director of Twitter France

Twitter has celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016. Despite its 320 million active monthly users worldwide, most analysts would say the 140-character microblogging site has not yet found its economic model. This is something its cofounder Jack Dorsey, who returned as CEO of the business in 2015, strongly denies. At the same time, Damien Viel (E97), from YouTube (Google), became the new managi...

Céline Saada-Benaben, Managing Director of eBay France

Céline Saada-Benaben (E93), Managing Director of eBay France, is celebrating 10 years with the famous platform. During that time she has progressed as quickly as the site itself, occupying no less than six positions. She provides an overview for ESSEC Alumni. ESSEC Alumni: eBay marked its 20-year anniversary in 2015. What’s the secret to longevity in a sector as fast changing as the Internet? ...

David Simonnet, Chief Executive Officer of the Axyntis Group

David Simonnet (E93) leads the Axyntis Group, an independent company he created in 2007 and France’s market leader in fine chemicals thanks to its industrial capacity (6 factories, 3 R&D centers, 430 employees and more than €80M of turnover with 70% added value). He is currently finalizing the takeover of the active ingredient manufacturing activity from the American group 3M. His credo: a ...

Corinne Vigreux (C87), Co-Founder of TomTom: "Tech Entrepreneurs Must Be Pragmatic"

Recognized as one of the most inventive mapping company, TomTom had to face a giant competitor, Google! Corinne Vigreux (C87), co-founder of TomTom, explains how the company faced this new stake. ESSEC Alumni: TomTom, one of the world leader in the personal navigation systems, has seen its leadership ending, when Google developed, around 2004, its free mapping tools. How did you and your compa...

Annie Jullien-Pannelay (E05), Principal at Economist Intelligence Unit: "French and British Healthcare Systems Don't Share the Same Goals"

Which countries offer the best cover for their patients? Annie Jullien-Pannelay (E05), principal, Healthcare division, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), shares her views on French and British healthcare systems. ESSEC Alumni: How do you measure the efficiency of a healthcare system? Annie Jullien-Pannelay: The WHO uses a method called DALY which subtracts the number of years lost due to illn...

Hubert Védrine: the Asian Challenge

He is one of the most influential speakers today on the topic of geopolitics for the Left and Right alike. Jacques Chirac boasts of his expert analyses combined with a perfect command of the mechanisms of diplomacy. Hubert Védrine answers our questions. ESSEC Alumni: Do you believe that there is a French and European perspective regarding Asia? Hubert Védrine: I do not think so simply because...

Nicolas Bos, CEO at Van Cleef & Arpels

43-year old Nicolas Bos (E92) is a happy man. Born and raised in Paris, the father of two daughters, age 10 and 12, runs renowned jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels with the mission "to combine a century-long heritage history of innovation with a rich identity set in a contemporary world". He has a passion for arts, theatre, literature and old books, and has been working with global luxury giant R...

Benoît Rengade, Board Member at Telethon

In 2009, Benoît Rengade (E91) found out that his son Nicolas had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). A few years onwards, he got involved in the fight against rare diseases and joined AFM Telethon's board of directors.  ESSEC Alumni: What’s your role on the AFM board? Benoît Rengade: I started on the board in June 2015. I take part in the international commission’s work as well as in assessing...

Vincent Marçais: a Hollywood Story

We all know 20th Century Fox. But only a few chosen ones get to see behind the scenes. Vincent Marçais (E89) is one of those. He worked for 20 years for the famous film studio, experimenting the ups and downs of America’s film industry, which can be as rocky as the ground of Los Angeles. A portrait by Aurore Le Lorier Rougeot (E93). After graduating from ESSEC, Vincent Marçais wanted to work ...

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