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Mardis de l’ESSEC Report: Thierry Marx, Michelin-Starred Chef

On April 3, 2018, Mardis de l’ESSEC hosted Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx. A chance to delve into the kitchen of a key figure in French gastronomy. A surprising revelation: Thierry Marx cares as much about preparing his dishes as he does about managing his teams. He even admits that the managerial model is the most complicated element to set up in the kitchen; a fact borne out by the viole...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total

In January Les Mardis de l’ESSEC Debating Society welcomed Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total, who ably defended his controversial company. The second most powerful CEO of the CAC 40 - behind Bernard Arnault of LVMH – portrays himself as a strong man who had to "get the job done" after the sudden death of Christophe de Margerie in 2014. LVMH may have recorded the biggest market capitalization in 2...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Gilles Pélisson

On 14 June 2016, Mardis de l’ESSEC interviewed Gilles Pélisson (E79), CEO of French TV channel TF1. Report by student Diego Mermet. “Koh Lanta – even though I’m not the adventurous kind!” This was Gilles Pélisson’s reply when we asked him which of his programs he identifies with. It’s true his career has been something of an assault course: Eurodisney, Bouygues Telecom, Accor, and now TF1. Cor...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Jack Lang

On Tuesday 17th May, 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC met with Jack Lang, former Minister for National Education, former Minister for Cultural Affairs under François Mitterand, and current President of the Institut du monde arabe. Report by student Eugénie Bapst. Calm and cheerful, Jack Lang looks much like an old sage who is above the trivial nature of pressing aspirations – in other words, he no ...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Bernard Cazeneuve

On 3 May 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC welcomed Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, and warned him of the danger of favouring security over freedom. Report by student Charles Tetu. Bomb squads, searches, identity controls… A visit from a high-placed, sitting minister is serious business. He himself has taken on a serious air that has become “permanent” since he took office. This gives h...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Yves Perrier

On March 22 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC and partner association ESSEC Transaction met with Yves Perrier (E76), Managing Director of Europe’s leading asset management company, Amundi. A crash course in finance, management and even philosophy. Report by student Diego Mermet. A man who had to choose between becoming a professional football player and pursuing academics, Yves Perrier kicked off th...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: Inquiry on Freemasonry

On 12 January 2016, Mardis de l'ESSEC welcomed Daniel Keller, Grand Master of Grand Orient de France, and Serge Moati, a former mason. Two figures from the shadows to shed some light on Freemasonry. Report by student Clémence de Villepin. This is the history of Freemasonry, and through it, of its beliefs, the fruit of debate. The multiple sources to which Freemasonry can trace its origins ...

Mardis de l'ESSEC Report: The Digital Issue

On 2015, December 8th, Mardis de l'ESSEC invited Damien Viel (E97), managing director for Twitter France, Didier Rappaport, founder of Happn and Dailymotion, and Dominique Cardon, a sociologist at Orange Labs, at the Mazars France offices to talk about digital transition and big data. Report by student Axel Ropars. There are many misconceptions and fears about big data. However Damien Viel...

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