Alumni with an original profile tell us how and why they’ve chosen an alternative path. Check our French site for even more contents! (Page under construction) 


Brice de Margerie, Head of Orchestration

From musical to digital via the coaching of teams, Brice de Margerie (E00) composes a score that is unique – and harmonic. At first glance, it seems like Brice de Margerie has followed a classical path. After an apprenticeship with IBM he co-founded, with a colleague, a coaching firm specializing in strategic analysis. The seminars he organized, however, already hinted at a tendency to do thin...

Vincent Marçais: a Hollywood Story

We all know 20th Century Fox. But only a few chosen ones get to see behind the scenes. Vincent Marçais (E89) is one of those. He worked for 20 years for the famous film studio, experimenting the ups and downs of America’s film industry, which can be as rocky as the ground of Los Angeles. A portrait by Aurore Le Lorier Rougeot (E93). After graduating from ESSEC, Vincent Marçais wanted to work ...

Matthias Leridon, Serial Entrepreneur

What do a consulting agency, an investment company, a publishing company, a brand of tea and a development fund have in common? Their creator Matthias Leridon (E85). Matthias Leridon set his eye on communication early in his days at ESSEC. "I created the Press Bureau, a student club in charge with promoting the school. We managed to get an eight-page supplement in Le Monde." He then did his mi...

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