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Read: The Nature of Goods and the Goods of Nature

Estefania Santacreu-Vasut, Professor at ESSEC, and Tom Gamble, International Projects Manager at ESSEC, take us into the realm of the economist and the fascinating way in which they view the world. With striking pragmatism, the book takes a cornerstone of economic thinking — the nature of goods — which, once understood, provides the reader with a lens that demolishes the argument for anti-globa...

Read: Designing Luxury Brands

In this book, Diana Derval (I03) shows how to build successful luxury brands using the power of sensory science and neuro-physiology. The author introduces – based on inspiring business cases like Tesla, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Moncler, Louboutin, or Sofitel in industries such as Fashion, Automotive or Leisure – ground-breaking scientific methods – like the Derval Color Test® taken by ov...

Read: Luxury Brand Marketing (奢侈品品牌营销)

This book by Prof. Diana Derval (I03&B05) is packed with over 30 case studies, including leading brands like BMW, Swarovski, Chanel, Tesla, and Chinese fast-growing brands like Moodbox or Shanghai Tang. Each chapter explains a major marketing framework: Chapter 1: segmenting customers with the Persona framework Chapter 2: telling a compelling story with the story telling framework Cha...

Read: The Right Sensory Mix

Why do some people drink black coffee and others stick to tea? Why do some people prefer competitors’ products? Why do we sell less in this country? Many companies fail to acknowledge and analyze disparities observed among customers and simply put them down to culture or emotion. New neuroendocrinological research proves that consumers are rational: They just have a different biological percep...

Read: Islamic Marketing

In this book, Prof. Cedomir Nestorovic analyses the current Islamic marketing environment. Since the Muslim world is extremely diverse in terms of economic development, customs and traditions and political and legal systems, it is vital for companies and marketers to analyze the environment before attempting to address these markets. The author emphasizes that it is ineffectual to elaborate the...

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