Read: Luxury Brand Marketing (奢侈品品牌营销)

This book by Prof. Diana Derval (I03&B05) is packed with over 30 case studies, including leading brands like BMW, Swarovski, Chanel, Tesla, and Chinese fast-growing brands like Moodbox or Shanghai Tang.

Each chapter explains a major marketing framework:

  • Chapter 1: segmenting customers with the Persona framework
  • Chapter 2: telling a compelling story with the story telling framework
  • Chapter 3: creating a unique brand with the brands codes
  • Chapter 4: finding the right positioning with the positioning map
  • Chapter 5: adapting locally with the sensory profiles
  • Chapter 6: finding the right brand ambassadors with the influencers' map
  • Chapter 7: developing an expertise with the core activity map

Each chapter is illustrated by case studies, contains a glossary and take-aways, and related videos available on the book WeChat page.

At the end of the reading, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to create, revamp, or expand luxury brands.

The exclusive interviews with top luxury brand executives should bring some additional inspirations.


Written in Mandarin


Luxury Brand Marketing (奢侈品品牌营销)
By Prof. Diana Derval (I03&B05)
, founder of DervalResearch
198 pages
Donghua University Publishing
63 RMB


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