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ESSEC Alumni coordinates a wide range of paper and digital communications (including a magazine, a newsletter, a website and a presence on social media) with a triple objective: to share news of the network plus business and management trends, to promote the talents that exist within the community, and to provide services to our members.

If you want to submit articles, suggest subjects or propose interesting profiles, get in touch! Find the relevant contact person in the following list and send us your proposal. If your idea is taken up, we'll get back to you with requirements and deadline.

Reflets ESSEC Magazine

François de Guillebon /
To submit articles for the News, Guests, Reports, Magazine and Expert Opinion sections

Louis Armengaud Wurmser (E11) /
To submit articles for the Must-Reads, Entrepreneurs, Career Paths and Network sections

Thierry Germe (E60) /
To let us know of your appointments or press mentions

For your personal announcements (births, marriages, deaths etc.):

For your corporate advertising:


Louis Armengaud Wurmser (E11) /
To submit an article for the newsletter

Camille Maisonneuve /
To tackle issues related to the newsletter (display issues, broken links, spamming)


Louis Armengaud Wurmser (E11) /
To submit articles for the Magazine section

Delphine Bouteloup /
To submit articles for the Community section, and to report technical issues related to the site (e.g. problems with viewing, downloading or connecting, broken links)

Social networks

Camille Maisonneuve /
To share articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or videos on YouTube, and to tackle issues related to ESSEC groups and pages on social networks (e.g. problems with signing up, posting or sharing, broken links, moderating)

ESSEC Publications

Philippe Desmoulins (E78) /
To tackle any issue linked to ESSEC Publications (subscription, mailings, e-mailings, general information)


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